Our services include:

Web Site Promotions - There are millions of potential clients who can't find your software on the Internet. We'll increase your visibility - and sales - by making sure your web site is listed on all of the key search engines and software-related information repositories. Different people use different Internet tools to find the software they want to buy. We'll list you in all of the important places.

Shareware Program Promotions - We will submit your software to more than 500 shareware sites, as well as update these sites as you release new versions of your program.

Both our Web Site Promotions and Shareware Program Promotions services are ongoing, and not just a 'mass submission' of information. With download sites opening and closing on an almost-daily basis, we make sure your information is there for potential customers to see.

Search Engine Ranking Reports - We provide you with a meaningful way to measure how visible your web site is to your potential customers. With these reports, you will learn where your site is ranked/listed among the major search engines, including InfoSeek, Alta Vista, AOL NetFind, Lycos, Excite and HotBot. No more working in the dark! We provide you with the tools that monitor your progress.

Link Verification - We can check your site to be sure that your links are valid and have not been broken.

Online Software Fulfillment - While you are on vacation, or absent, we will send out your registration coded to your clients, thus keeping your business smoothly flowing while you are gone!

How much do our services cost? While it depends upon how many software packages you'd like us to promote, the cost is very affordable. Please send me an e-mail or visit our contact page, and we can talk about a specific program tailored to increasing your sales.